Due to the increasing cases of corona across the country, people are seriously concerned about the welfare of elders and children’s they are also very worried, in fact, in this, third wave of Corona, youth and children are getting more vulnerable and children are constantly exposed to different types of viruses. To increase the immunity in children, you should take special Health care.

Immunity means the immune system which protects against diseases. It is important for children to have strong immunity, the risk of diseases and infections increases with the change of season. If the body's immune system is strong, then infectious diseases can be avoided. Children are at the highest risk of diseases however if children get diseases from childhood, then they continue to trouble them throughout their life. In such a situation, health tips that increase the immunity of children from childhood are necessary, although Children with a weak immune system are prone to cold and Cough, fever and Respiratory problems. Weak immunity can increase the risk of allergy like asthma pneumonia and the risk of bacterial infection and infectious disease is also highest in children.

Tips to increase immunity

On the other hand, children with low immunity are highly vulnerable to various types of infections. To protect children from these diseases, it is necessary to make their immune system strong. Let us tell you how you can increase the immunity of children with the help of natural methods.

Good sleep

Good sleep is considered as one of the best health tips to increase immunity of children. A child should get enough sleep every day. If the child stays awake till late in the night, then the immune system gets weakened Due to this, the risk of diseases in children also increases.

Cleanliness or hygiene

Cleanliness is the second biggest health tips to keep the body away from diseases. Parents and family members should make special efforts to keep the children clean. From bathing to eating, special attention should be paid for  the cleanliness of children. 

Pay special attention to the game

The changed environment has kept children away from playing games Mobiles and TV have taken children away from sports. In such a situation, parents should try and encourage the child for real sports. A healthy child must play sports for at least one hour every day.

Avoid stress

However we are now living in a society where children are becoming victims of stress. In such a situation, the thing to be noted is that children should be protected from stress. Children are prone to stress, so they are prone to many diseases.

Provide balanced diet

To increase the immunity of children, the day should begin with a healthy breakfast. Feed the children only homemade food for breakfast. Feed porridge, paratha, ghee and jaggery and roti in the food. Small children can be fed pudding, gram flour in breakfast. This gives strength to the child's body. Along with keeping children healthy, the habit of healthy food should also be inculcated to protect them from diseases. Food should include foods rich in protein, fibre and vitamins.

Herbs to improve immunity in children’s

Strengthening your child's immune system will not only help protect against this pandemic but will be extremely helpful in the long run. India is currently coping with the corona virus epidemic, unlike the first and second wave; the third wave is affecting children too. In such a situation, it is very important that their diet, fitness and immunity level should be taken care of. Although healthy eating, regular exercise and certain foods help in boosting immunity, there are some Ayurvedic herbs which are considered very healthy.


It is recognized for its innumerable benefits and extraordinary medicinal properties. However Basil leaves is rich in vitamins and it is excellent remedy for reducing fever also gives relives in cold and cough also good for heart health.


This spice is a staple in every Indian household, apart from enhancing the taste of food,Haldi is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. “Rich in antioxidants, turmeric helps maintain heart health with strong immunity.


Amla, a major source of Vitamin C, helps in keeping away cold, cough and sore throat. Amla has a lot of antioxidants while strengthening the immune system and promotes healthy immune system.


Helpful in increasing immunity Anti-oxidant properties are found in Giloy which improves health and provides the ability to fight diseases. Consuming Giloy regularly helps in increasing immunity.

SDH Immunity Products

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