Beutanic Meghna Hair Oil- A systemic care for hair related problems.

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    Meghna hair oil is the most reliable product available for fixing the various hair problems & provides a good nourishment to hair follicles to make hair look healthy. It contain...


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    Say goodbye to lacklustre locks and hello to vibrant, healthy hair with our revolutionary keshya Hair Vitalizer. Formulated with natural ingredients like japa pushpa,bhringraj and shikakai etc.our keshya Hair Vitalizer...

    Meghna Shampoo

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    SDH Meghna shampoo is a herbal innovation which not only provides soft,nourished hair but also nurture the roots, as a result get thicker & stonger hair. It contains herbs known...

    We all love our hair and hair is considered an important part of beauty; everyone wishes to have thick and beautiful hair. But it's correspondingly a fact that to make the hair long beautiful and thick, it has to be taken care of a lot and in today’s busy life; we do not take enough time to take care of hair. The ever-increasing pollution and less care of them make the hair weak. So let’s know about some tips, by adopting which you can make your hair beautiful and thick.

    Tips to maintain hair care

    Unbalanced eating habits, stressful life, dust-soil, pollution can damage hair too. The problem like hair fall, thin hair, dandruff premature greying of hair are very common. The problems start slowly and in such a situation, you do not consider it a serious problem until the problem become worst.

    Hot water can damaged to your hair

    Hot water strips the moisture and oil from the scalp. In this situation scalp becomes dry and the problem of dandruff arises in it. It has a direct effect on the moisture content of the hair. Hot water makes the hair more dry and damaged however our hair is made up of a protein called keratin it can damaged due to bathing in hot water.

    Drink plenty of water

    Water has a very important role in our body that’s why it is well known that the human body is made up of 65 per cent of water, it is necessary to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water throughout the day. Drinking water keeps you hydrated and prevents split hairs and strengthens the hair roots.

    Herbs used in hair care

    When you find out that your hair are falling out, it can cause stress and things like do's and don'ts may come to your mind however some products are present in  the market that claim to increase hair, but it should  extremely difficult to know the effect of those products on the scalp. So why not to use herbs/ herbal products directly, so in such condition herbal products for hair care are very helpful.

    Herbs/ herbal product loaded with many properties that are very beneficial for the hair problems. From thousands of years the herbs are being used in hair problems. The effect of herbs on hair is very beneficial and they help in making hair longer thicker and shiny.


    Amla is a well-known to everyone. It is one of the famous ingredients to nourish the hair. It contains natural vitamin C and powerful antioxidant properties it is not only nourishes the hair but also prevent hair fall, dandruff and make hair smooth and stronger.

    Almond Oil

    Almond oil is good for hair it prevents hair fall and to increase hair growth it is because almond oil enriched with vitamin E which is very useful to tackle the hair problems.


    Glycosides and flavonoids are found in Mulethi, it nourishes the hair and prevents fungal infection it acts as a natural cleanser. It is very effective in treating dandruff.

    Beutanic meghna hair oil is a true solution of all hair problems. It is a safe &natural hair revitalizer, stimulates hair growth, reduces pattern hair loss prevents dry scalp and keeps soft smooth long and shiny hair.

    Best food for hair growth


    Egg is considered a treasure trove of biotin and vitamin-B. It is a nutrient that is considered very important for hair growth and hair protection. Biotin determines the shine, volume and health of hair. Therefore, you can include eggs in your diet.

    Green leafy vegetables

    Green vegetables are considered to be best supplements for hair it is not beneficial not only for the hair but for the whole body. Spinach, broccoli and lettuce etc. all these vegetables are considered to be a treasure trove of Vitamin-A and Vitamin-C.


    Nuts are known for their nutritional value and among all the nuts, the ingredients present in walnuts are considered the best for hair nourishment. Walnut contains omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, vitamin-E and copper for the consumption of this, your hair become long, thick and shiny.

    SDH Hair-care products

    SDH –Naturals offers a wide range of hair care products such as;

    Meghna hair oil, locks & looks hair oil, Mahabringraj Tail

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