Detoxification means the body gets rid of unwanted toxins however these toxins are caused by environmental pollutants or excessive consumption of junk food. Toxins are  one of the main reason for falling sick in every weather and as it causes long term disease. It is very important to remove the dirt i.e. toxins from the body as it helps to keep you healthy & fit. Organs like liver, kidney are able to work better. The skin is healthy. Due to the presence of all the toxins in the body, the digestive power can get spoiled there may be a problem of skin rashes, acne, fatigue etc. although in such a situation it is important to keep detox the body from time to time. The more liquids you consume, the healthier you will be.

Methods of removing toxins from the body have been used by Ayurvedic Acharya for centuries. These methods help in relaxing, cleansing and nourishing the body from within. However it is important that you eat a healthy diet to remove and eliminate toxins from the body. Your body will be free from diseases due to the release of toxins. Apart from these, you can also make your body healthy in other ways, such as yoga, meditation etc.

Natural way to detoxification  

Detoxification is term that means remove out toxins from the body.

  • To give rest to the body organs with the help of fasting
  • Stimulating the liver to help flush out toxins from the body with the help of liquid.
  • Promote the excretion of toxins through intestines, kidneys and skin with the help of liquid
  • Improve blood circulation by performing yoga and exercise
  • Keeps the body healthy with healthy nutrients like fruits and green vegetables.


Signs you need to detox

Detoxification is necessary for some symptoms such as;

  • Fatigue
  • Feeling sluggish
  • Skin related problems
  • Allergies
  • Low grade infections
  • Swelling under the eyes
  • Stomach enlargement
  • Menstrual problems

 How to start detox?

First, reduce your biological and physiological toxin load – that is, completely stop consuming alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, refined sugar, saturated fat, etc. All these increase the toxins in your body and also hinder in treating any kind of problem. Also, reduce the use of chemical household cleaners and health related products (cleansers, shampoos, deodorants and toothpaste) and try to use natural products as much as possible. Stress is another problem that comes in the way of your good health. This activates the stress hormones present in your body to be released in the system.

Detox diet and tips –

There are many detox programs and diets available, depending on your individual needs. Many programs take up to seven days because it takes time to remove toxins from the blood. Like fasting on liquids for two days, eating some light food for five days so that your digestive system does not have to work too hard to digest. Stick to some refreshing fruit or vegetable beverages for three to seven days to flush out the toxins. This remedy is extremely effective in removing toxins from your body.

  • Eat a diet rich in fiber. Such as brown rice and organically grown fresh fruits or vegetables like radish, beet, cabbage etc. are very effective detoxification diets.
  • Keep the liver clean and safe with herbs like dandelion root, green tea, milk etc. Take nutrients.
  • Take vitamin C diet. This helps in producing glutathione in the body. Due to this, the toxic substances present in the liver come out.
  • Drink at least two litters of water throughout the day, drinking water removes impurities from the body.
  • Breathe deeply so that oxygen reaches all the systems of your body properly.
  • Decrease stress with the help of positive emotions.
  • The most important way to detoxify is to practice yoga for an hour a day or jumping rope is a great way to get rid of student substances.
  • After a detox program, you can also flush out toxins from the body with the help of these diet and lifestyle.

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