What is depression?

Nowadays due to modern fast life people are so busy in their everyday life that they do not have time for themselves, as well as many people start worrying too much about small things, although it is normal to worry about any person. It is a matter but if because of this the person takes excessive stress and keeps thinking about the same for a very long time, and then it is not normal because such person can be a victim of depression. In fact, depression is such a mental condition, which for some people lasts only for a short time, while in some people it lasts for a very long time and after a time this depression of those people also takes a terrible form, in this condition People's mind is filled with life and that person's mind is not engaged in any work and that person prefers to be alone due to which there is a bad effect in their everyday life and their work. Therefore, we should know about understanding about depression and how to get out of it, so that we can help ourselves and other people.

What is anxiety or stress?

After understanding depression, we have to understand what is anxiety or stress?

Stress is a condition that occurs due to some physical and mental factors when a person's life does not go according to the plan he had envisioned. Whether it is not having a good job (having a stressful job), family-related problems, over-thinking about studies or work, or any other reason, we all have experienced some symptoms-

Symptoms of stress depression-

When you see the below-mentioned symptoms for a long time, then you may be a victim of depression, so visit a good psychiatrist as soon as possible and do the tests prescribed by him.

More negative thoughts want to be alone, feeling tired and weak, be irritable nature, flatulence - complaints of diarrhoea, constipation and vomiting, pain (including chest pain) and rapid heartbeat, strange thoughts, loss of appetite, poor digestion of food.

Doing yoga or exercising-

 Since stress has a direct effect on the brain of a person; it can be treated by yoga. If a person doing yoga or exercise every day, then he will not have to face problems like stress.


Uttanasana is a Hatha yoga style posture of moderate difficulty. The duration of doing this should be between 15 to 30 seconds. It does not require any repetition. The practice of Uttanasana stretches the hips, hamstrings, and calves while the knees and thighs become strong.

In addition, the mind is lower than the heart during the practice of Uttanasana. Due to increased blood circulation in the brain, it calms the mind and gives relief from anxiety. Even if there is a problem of headache and insomnia, its practice gives relief.


Halasana is an asana of simple difficulty or basic level. It is considered as the posture of hatha yoga style. Halasana should be practiced for 30 to 60 seconds.

During the practice of Halasana, both the legs are on the back ie towards the head. This gives a great massage to the entire respiratory system. This asana is like a panacea for people with memory loss due to emotional injuries. With its regular practice, problems like stress can be easily get rid of.

Adopting a healthy diet-  

It is believed that the effect of our food and drink is very deep on our health. This applies to the stage as well, so we should adopt a healthy diet that should be beneficial to the stage. Although supplements are considered harmful for health, but if consumed in sufficient quantity, it can prove to be helpful in treating many diseases.

Herbs for management of stress and depression-


Ashwagandha is used to reduce depression. It keeps your calm and releases endorphins in the body. Ashwagandha is great for your memory and brain. It works to make the mind sharp and smooth. Prevents insomnia if you do not sleep due to stress and anxiety, then before sleeping at night, drink a glass of milk mixed with a little Ashwagandha powder. This will help you sleep well and your sleeping pattern will also improve.


Brahmi leaves are very effective for depression patient. Consuming them an empty stomach in the morning relives depression and also helps to gets rid of the problem of insomnia. Brahmi is considered to be one such herb of Ayurveda, which treats various types of neurological disorders.