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    Rishiyog - Boost Immunity and strength | Balance Mind and Body

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    Rishiyog is an Ayurvedic health supplement made of a highly concentrated mixture of minerals and nutrient-rich herbs. Rishiyog is the perfect approach to maintain the overall good health of the...

    Chyawanprash Special

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    Chyawanprash is the oldest restorative tonic for human beings. The regular use of Chyawanprash Special, builds up the body & immune system, gives strength, stamina & improves the overall wellbeing...

    Dhanwantriprash - Sugar Free Chyawanprash

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    Dhanwantriprash is a power packed concentration of precious herbs, with Sugar Free Chyawanprash advantage  for calorie conscious people or those who are diabetic .Dhanwantriprash boosts strength,stamina,vitality ,immunity and over all...

    Giloy Ghan Vati - Combats Joint Pain, Addresses Fever Conditions, and Targets Various Infections

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    Giloy, also known as Guduchi or Amrita, is an herb renowned for its immune-boosting properties. Beyond enhancing immunity, it serves various purposes such as managing fever, elevating platelet count in...

    Swarnprashan for Kids - 100% Natural Formulated with Pure 24CT Gold | Golden Nectar | Improves Strength & Immunity Booster for Kids (0-16 Years)

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    SDH Swarnprashan Drops, a form of Rasayana chikitsa, holds a significant place in Ayurvedic practices as a preventive and promotive measure for healthy infants. Rooted in ancient traditions, this oral...

    Tulsi Care

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    Tulsi, the holy Basil, is a sacred plant in our mythology. Tulsi the age old aromatic herb is also known as elixir of life, has also been used since ages...

    Why Immune Booster is important?

    There are many Best Immune Booster Supplement on the market, but not all of them are created equal. Some of the best supplements contain ingredients like zinc, vitamin C, and echinacea. These ingredients have been shown to boost immunity and help fight off infections. The capability of body fights off against poisons is known as immunity. Include bacteria, contagions, fungi, and sponger or any dangerous substance. Strong immunity doesn't cover us from cold and cough but it also protects us from numerous conditions including hepatitis, lung infection, renal infection and numerous further. There are different types of pathogens around us, we don't indeed know and absorb dangerous rudiments with food and drink indeed with breathing. Indeed after this, not everyone gets sick. Those whose immunity is strong, they manage better with these external infections

    Originally immunity was considered only of the organism against infection or contagious conditions but latterly it was discovered that it gives the power to our body to fight against all kinds of conditions as well as to fight against conditions. For illustration; if your impunity is good also you can also fight against a deadly disorder like cancer. 

    How to Boost Immunity Power

    There are numerous supplements and products that claim to help boost your vulnerable system, but boosting your vulnerable system is actually a lot harder than you might suppose. Due to which disinclination and other autoimmune diseases can develop. Maintaining such a delicate balance requires a healthy diet and life. There are numerous everyday life habits that you can borrow to boost your vulnerable system. However, also you should soon borrow some immunity supporter tips according to your immunity power, if you haven't yet taken measures to increase immunity. SDH Naturals is Manufacturers and Suppliers of Best Immune Booster Supplement

    Immune Booster in Healthy Way

    Stay Hydrated

    Stay hydrate is most important thinks to improve your immunity; Water plays many important roles in your body Lymph is a body fluid in your circulatory system, which carries important infection-fighting immune cells or WBC around your body.


    The vulnerable complex immune system can be bettered by some of the nutrients included in our diet such as; Vitamin A is a type of important antioxidant that prevents inflammation as well as stimulates complaint-fighting cells in the body. Vegetables similar as carrots and red capsicum, pumpkin, sweet potato, Fruits similar as-mango, apricot, orange, papaya, cantaloupe, and grapefruit Vitamin E is also a type of important antioxidant, which increases immunity. Take vitamin C rich food like citrus fruits also eat fresh vegetables such as green leafy, cook your food in vegetable oil, wheat oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, Citrus food protects body from free radicals . Including black pepper and turmeric in your diet, According to Ayurveda, old-aged, tried and tested recipe for boosting immunity. Antioxidants, vitamins C, B and E are also found in super foods like onions, garlic, ginger, carrots and even pumpkin. If you can include any one of these in your diet daily, this will strengthen the immune system and help fight infections.

    Sign and Symptoms of Low Immune Booster

    Feeling tired- The main sign of weak immunity is feeling tired all the time after working too much obvious body feel tired, but without doing anything tiredness is a sign of weak immunity. 

    Joint pain- joint pain is sign is weak immunity, if a person regularly suffers from joint pain is considered as a weak immunity. The reason for this is that if the immune system works at a slow rate for a long time, it causes inflammation (internal inflammation and irritation) in the blood vessels and due to this swelling, stiffness and pain in the joints starts.

    Numerous people have endured the connection between stress and getting sick. Snap, influenza, herpes and disinclinations feel worse when we're oppressively stressed at work or in the home, others are sick until they go on holiday that is, after the stress is over and also they spend the whole time fighting the contagion. Because of natural connections like these, numerous experimenters are moment exploring whether and how stress and illness are actually linked.

    One specific focus of this exploration is to study the goods of stress on the vulnerable immune systems; after all, if stress affects immunity, that would be one way in which stress could contribute to illness. Antibodies are proteins produced by certain lymphocytes when dangerous substances to the body. Once antibodies are produced, they attach to the dangerous substance, mark it for destruction by other white blood cells, and help it from causing infections.

    Cold gives you a weak immune system?

    Almost of the time, the vulnerable immune system protects the body from disease conditions and infections. Still, some people are prone to intermittent infections due to their weakened vulnerable immune systems. To stay healthy and fight conditions, it's veritably important to have a strong vulnerable system. The vulnerable system is made up of white blood cells, antibodies, and other rudiments similar as organs and lymph bumps.

    Numerous diseases weaken the vulnerable system. These immunodeficiency disorders can be mild to severe and a person can also develop immunodeficiency disorders from birth or due to environmental factors. The main symptom of weakening of the immune system is frequent infections. They are more prone to infections than other people and these diseases can be more serious and difficult to treat. They also have difficulty fighting infection compared to people with strong immunity.

    Herbs Use to Improve Immune Booster

    Herbs use to ameliorate immunity Rasayana in Ayurveda is veritably helpful in adding impunity. Rasayana is admixture of numerous medicinal phrasings that's antioxidant, boosting immunity and reducing stress such as Giloy, Amla, Tulsi, Satavari, Ashwagandha, these potent herbs helps to improve immune system. SDH Naturals is Best Immune Booster Supplement.

    Immunity According to Ayurveda

    Symptoms of immunity have been given in Ayurveda which are given in the following verses.

    देहे सर्वत्र चोष्णस्य समता लाघवं सुखम् । क्षुत् तीक्ष्णा गाढ़निद्रा च मनसोऽपि प्रसन्नता ॥

    शरीरे कर्मसामर्थ्य अनालस्यं च कर्मसु ।

    स्वतः स्वेदोगमःकाले स्वस्थतांलक्षयन्ति हि ॥

    That is, having a clean stomach every day, not having much weight, clear skin, no laziness, feeling of happiness are the eight signs of health.

    Know why it is important to increase the oja

    In Ayurveda, Oja is considered the basis of life. The natural power that our body has to fight against diseases comes only from 'Oja'. This power to fight diseases is called immunity, apart from this, there are many other qualities of Oja, in a way, and your entire personality depends on 'Oja'. Its complete extinction means 'death'.

    What is Oja?

    From Ras dhatu to Shukra dhatu, the amalgamated essence of these seven metals is called 'Oja'. In medical language it is also called force. Think of it like bees make honey from the essence of flowers. In the same way, the digestive pitta and the fires form ojas from the essence of the metals.

    Ojas is also nourished by dietary juices like metals. The abode of Ojas in the body is the heart and with the help of arteries and blood vessels coming out of the heart, it spreads throughout the body. One of the meanings by staying in the heart of Oja is that the more satvik, purity, positivity, reverence and devotion in our mind and thoughts, the more we will be more vivacious, brilliant and great. Apart from this, your energy also increases by doing Pranayama, meditation, sadhana and worship.

    Types of Ojas mentioned in Ayurveda

    1- Par oja

    According to Ayurveda, the quantity of 'Par Oja' is eight points and it resides in the heart. When 'Par oja is completely exhausted, it dies.

    2- Apar oja

     Similarly, the quantity of 'Apar Oja' is half anjuli and it is present throughout the body. Due to its deficiency, there is a lack of strength and enthusiasm etc. and many diseases start arising. (Here Anjuli means the amount that can be accommodated in both the palms when they are joined together).

    Functions and Importance of Oja

    Due to being the essence of all the metals, if there is a lack of energy, then even the metals are not able to hold the body. It stabilizes and nourishes all the metals. Due to this oja, all the physical, mental, sense organs and sense organs get the ability to work. The immune system of the body is also formed due to this energy.

    Our body's auto immune system gets its support from Bhoj itself. This means that the more energy there is in the body, the stronger will be the immunity and you will stay away from diseases. Happiness, sorrow, patience and courage etc. all arise from Oja. In short, oja is the basis of life.

    Reasons for decreasing Oja

    There are many reasons for the lack of energy in the body. Mental states like anger, worry, fear, grief, loss etc. and deficiency of more than one dhatu reduce Oja. Similarly, fasting, eating less food, dry food, more hard work and staying awake till late night reduces the ojas. Apart from this, due to excessive excretion of phlegm, blood, Venus and feces due to any reason and weakness in the body due to diseases, there is a decrease in Oja. Many types of symptoms are seen when there is a lack of ojas, it is very important to be recognized.

    Symptoms of loss of Oja

    Both physical and mental symptoms are seen when there is a lack of ojas. Due to lack of energy, the patient is always scared in front of others. The strength in his body starts decreasing and he becomes more depressed than before. Always worrying, sluggish working of heart and senses are also symptoms of lack of energy. If you are seeing any of these symptoms, then do not ignore it. Try to overcome these symptoms with the help of a doctor and adopting a balanced lifestyle.

    Oja deficiency treatment

    It is very important to balance the amount of Ojas in the body. If your body is deficient in Oja, then you should take sweet, greasy diet, sattvik diet, milk and other Venus enhancing medicines like Ashwagandha. Apart from this, eating favourite and favourable things also increases ojas. To increase Ojas, the sources of feces and metals should also be kept pure. The strength of the body increases with the increase of Ojas. Its specialty is that even increasing its quantity does not cause any kind of disease. Feed your kids energy boosting things so that they become powerful and character in the future.

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