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    4 EVER Capsules | Boosting Strength & Stamina

    Rs. 180.00Rs. 162.00

    A perfect combination of Ayurvedic herbs such as Musli, Ashwagandha, suddh silajit and kaunch beej etc that help increase your muscle mass and physical strength, improve your immunity, vitality, and...


    Rs. 135.00Rs. 128.00

    Used in constipation, flatulence, piles, hyperacidity, loss of appetite Possesses laxative properties, useful in piles & related disorders. Ingredients Haritaki – 50 parts, Draksha – 25 parts, Vidang, Madhuka –...

    Acidon Syrup

    Rs. 151.00 – Rs. 420.75

    SDH Naturals Acidon Syrup is specially formulated to provide better results in Acid Peptic- related concerns like hyperacidity and gastric. The Acidon Syrup is made from the most potent and effective...

    Acidon Tablet (30X10 Tabs)

    Rs. 600.00Rs. 540.00

    Significantly inhibits the adhesion of Helicobacter pylori to human stomach tissues. Highly effective in controlling growth of H.pylori bacteria in vitro. It decreases the volumes of the gastric contents, the...

    Acnocure Cream

    Rs. 146.00 – Rs. 207.00

    Combination of kumari , Neem and Yashtimadhu Provides improvement in facial skin health Brings glow on to the face For the treatment of pimpals and scars Combination of kumari, neem...


    Rs. 150.00Rs. 142.00

    Useful in chronic fever, loss of appetite, malaria & weakness of the body Due to it’s jwarghana property (anti-pyretic) swedjanan (Diphoretic), rasayan (rejuvenative) deepan, pachan, balya gun, effective in fever...


    Rs. 160.00Rs. 152.00

    Hridaya rog, hridaya shool (angina pectoris) high blood pressure & cardiac asthma Possesses cardiac tonic properties, strengthens heart muscles, corrects all heart related disorders. Ingredients Arjuna Chhal – 5 parts,...

    Arshonyl Capsule (60 Caps)

    Rs. 240.00Rs. 221.00

    Product highlights Used in the treatment of ano-rectal disorders  Helps in the medical management of internal and external haemorrhoids, anal fissures and fistula Key Ingredients of SDH Naturals Arshonyl Capsule:...


    Rs. 135.00Rs. 128.00

    Menstrual disorders, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, leucorrhea other gynaecological problems. It balances the female hormones, therefore treats female reproductive system related disorders. Ingredients Ashoka Chhal – 100 parts, Prakshep dravya: Dhataki...

    Ashwagandha Tablet

    Rs. 138.00 – Rs. 264.00

    Boosts immunity levels  Relaxes mind and body Improves Memory 1-2 tablets two times a day with milk or water Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb ,widely used in Ayurvedic system...


    Rs. 210.00Rs. 199.00

    Product Highlights It helps in improving stamina It boosts energy levels in the body It helps strengthen the immune system Information about Ashwagandharisht Shree Dhanwantri Herbals Ashwagandharishta improves the user's mood...

    BeejBalya Tablet (Pack of 30 Tablets)

    Rs. 1,660.00Rs. 1,494.00

    Bijbalya tablet is an exclusive Ayurvedic product of S.D.H. Naturals which are very useful in men problems related to Shukra dosha, low sperm count, sterility, loss of libido etc. It...

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