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    Single Herbs

    Bael Capsule

    Rs. 180.00Rs. 144.00

    Bael fruits are the source of SDH Bael Capsule, a pure herbal extract. These are digestive capsules that aid in regular bowel motions. The active ingredient in it is fruit...

    Punarnava Capsule

    Rs. 330.00Rs. 264.00

    Benefits of Punarnava include its usage in the treatment of liver illnesses, splenomegaly, alcoholism, fever, edema, and kidney ailments. It has rejuvenating properties, balances Tridosha, lowers inflammation, stops bloating, strengthens...

    Neem Capsule

    Rs. 240.00Rs. 192.00

    SDH Neem Capsule Neem, a naturally occurring broad-spectrum plant-based antimicrobial and blood purifier, is an ingredient in Organic India Neem Veg Capsule. Neem aids in the treatment of fungal, viral,...

    Methi Capsule

    Rs. 295.00Rs. 236.00

    The SDH Methi capsule is high in nutrients and good for your general well-being. SDH Methi Capsule preserves appropriate lipid levels by assisting in the reduction of hepatic lipid synthesis....

    Meshshringi Capsule

    Rs. 260.00Rs. 208.00

    An Ayurvedic product SDH Meshshringi Capsule helps regulates blood sugar levels. Might improves immune functions and encourage muscle strength. It can help you maintains blood sugar & cholesterol level and...

    Manjistha Capsule

    Rs. 280.00Rs. 224.00

    Manjistha consist of dried root of Rubia Cordifolia (Family- Rubiaceae) Manjistha found through the country. The plant has long cylindrical root with red color bark. Its flower is small, white...

    Karela Capsule

    Rs. 260.00Rs. 208.00

    Karavellaka (Momordia charantia) is included in Karela capsules. It has ingredients that assist lower blood sugar levels by acting similarly to insulin. Its aid in the maintenance of normal glucose...

    Ashwagandha Capsule

    Rs. 295.00Rs. 236.00

    Indian traditional medicine has used Withania somnifera, sometimes referred to as Indian gooseberry or Ashwagandha, for thousands of years. Apart from using the plant's root as an Indian gooseberry, Ayurveda...

    Arjuna capsule

    Rs. 260.00Rs. 208.00

    Hypoglycemic and antioxidant effects, its helps control lipid levels in the body; also reduces lipid oxidation and helps reduce stress and anxiety. SDH Arjuna capsules are made from natural extracts...

    Kapikachu Capsule

    Rs. 260.00Rs. 208.00

    SDH kapikacchu capsule  made from a legume found in the tropics known as velvet bean. It is utilized for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and aids helps to robust the  nervous...

    Shigru Capsule

    Rs. 295.00Rs. 236.00

    Medicine is made from the leaves, bark, fruit, seeds, and root. According to Ayurveda, moringa helps reduce blood lipid levels, encourages healthy blood flow to the heart muscles, and calms...

    Shatavari Capsule

    Rs. 275.00Rs. 220.00

    Ayurvedic Shatavari capsules are a nutritious and revitalizing tonic for women of all ages and stages of life that support women's general health. It aids in overcoming excessive exhaustion, eases...

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