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    R-Amrita- Best Joint Pain Supplement

    Rs. 297.00 – Rs. 561.00

     R-Amrita - Best Joint Pain Supplement, tablet, a holistic approach in rheumatoid arthritis, is formulated with herbs like Shijan, Shallaki, Haridra, Harsingar & Ashwagandha, which ameliorate the sufferings of the rheumatic patients.  Bullets...

    SDH Naturals Rheumo Pravahi Natural relief in Rheumatic pain, joint pain, Swelling, Inflammation. Ayurvedic and long term, For all types of rheumatism. Liquid preperation

    Rs. 130.00 – Rs. 365.00

    Rheumo parvahi is best joint pain supplement for treating Vaat related problems like joint pain and stiffness of muscles.  Rheumo parvahi is the combination of dashmool kwath pravahi, Rasna erandadi...

    Rheumo Oil- Best Joint Pain Supplement

    Rs. 200.00 – Rs. 377.00

    Shree Dhanwantri herbals Rheumo oil is a powerful & effective topical remedy for pain in joints & tissues; Rheumo oil contains Karpor tail which has been documented to possess anti-inflammatory...

    Bonartho Capsule - Best Joint Pain Supplement

    Rs. 540.00 – Rs. 1,020.00

    Bonartho capsule - Best Joint Pain Supplement is rational care in bone and joint disorders. Bonartho capsule is the combination of time tested herbs such as Asthishrinkhala, Kukkutandtvak bhasma, Laksha, Trikatu,...

    Rheumo DS Capsule

    Rs. 198.00Rs. 178.00

    Indications Rheumatoid arthritis Frozen shoulders Osteoarthritis Fibrositis Action Rasna (Pluchea lanceolata) in Rheumo DS Capsule modulate the immune system.1 Suranjan Talakh (Colchicum luteum) in Rheumo DS Capsule shows modulatory effect...

    Rheumo Gold Capsules - Best Joint Pain Supplement

    Rs. 990.00Rs. 841.00

    The joints are uncomfortable when someone has rheumatoid arthritis. It is a musculoskeletal system disorder. From the minor joints, it advances to the larger ones. Rheumatoid arthritis can affect the...

    Mahanarayan Tail - Best Joint Pain Supplement

    Rs. 270.00 – Rs. 756.00

    Description This oil is beneficial in arthritis, Rhematism, joint pain, back pain etc. Maha Narayan Tail is used for massage. In Panchkarma Therapy, abhyanga & basti karma are Reformed with...

    Jontigo Ointment For Joint Pain Pack of 2

    Rs. 173.00 – Rs. 253.00

    Jontigo Pain-Relieving Ointment is a specially formulated topical solution designed to provide quick and effective relief from joint pain and discomfort. Crafted with a unique blend of natural ingredients, this...

    Jontigo Oil for Joint Pain

    Rs. 216.00 – Rs. 408.00

    Jontigo Pain-Relieving Oil is a specially formulated topical solution designed to provide quick and effective relief from joint pain and discomfort. Crafted with a unique blend of natural ingredients, this...

    Hadjod Tablet - Best Joint Pain Supplement

    Rs. 260.00Rs. 234.00

    100% Natural And Herbal Reduces inflammation and pain in muscle joints Hadjod helps regulating digestive process and detoxifying the body. It helps bone setting and support healthy bones. Hadjod - Best...

    What are the Best Joint Pain Supplement?

    SDH Naturals is the best joint pain supplement on the market. It is made with 100% natural ingredients and has been clinically proven to reduce joint pain and inflammation. SDH Naturals is also safe to take, with no side effects.

    Jontigo spray

    Jontigo spray formulated in shree dhanwantri harbals helps to relieving pain& inflammation also improving mobility used in sprain, low back pain, and muscle and sports injuries.

    Rheumo Oil

    If a person is suffering from joint pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain then you can use Rheumo pravahi oil.

    Herbs that help in reducing joint inflammation


    Effective in reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation, with a morphine like effect and also possesses good anti-inflammatory effect.


    Has remarkable anti-inflammatory activity by significantly reducing the level of joint swelling.


    Pudina helps relieve irritation & inflammation also has analgesic effect that are mediated centrally & peripherally providing a pharmacological evidence for its use as a pain reliever.


    It is a therapeutic agent of inflammation related diseases, including sprain, rheumatic arthritis also has combined in vitro anti-inflammatory activities& inhibition of NF-KB regulated inflammatory responses which attribute towards treatment of inflammation-related disease.

    Asthishrinkhla (cissus quadrangularis)

    Significantly relives in pain in osteoarthritis by hindering production of prostaglandin.It has benefit for bone fracture also possesses phytoestrogen rich fraction which has good anti-osteoporotic activity.


    Has statically significant chondroprotective effect on damaged osteoarthritic cartilage.

    What is Joint Pain?

    Term Joint Pain denotes the pain in upper and lower joints of body these are the parts of the body that connect two or more bone of our skeleton and they transfer movement from one part of the body from another. Term joint pain denotes the pain in upper and lower joints of body. Some common condition of pain is Inflammation in joints, weak and hot, redness several pain in small joints or pain in hands. Joint pain required long-term treatment for relives pain. Soreness in multiple joints of the body usually affected small joints. 

    Joint Pain Symptoms

    Most common symptoms associated with joint pain are;

    Severe or moderate pain, Stiffness in joints, Immobility or unable to move, redness, inflammation, Joint tenderness, deformity in joints


    In adults Joint pain occurs due to some medical conditions like osteoarthritis.


    Osteoarthritis is a most common disease mostly affects people over the age of 40 plus. This situation is common, due to the breakdown of cartilaginous cells in the synovial joints and joints become stiff and painful. Osteoarthritis mostly affects small joints such as joints of hands, hip joints and wrist. Due to the influence of fire, the joints become stiff or hard.

    Rheumatoid Arthritis:

    Rheumatoid arthritis is chronic auto immune mainly affects the joints. Characterized by swelling of the synovial membrane, destruction of cartilage & bone, it is a disease which is very wide spread. Pain is the most important complaint & the pain is due to the inflammation of synovial membrane. Another important feature of RA is pain at night & stiffness in morning. In due course of time, if the disease is not properly treated it results permanent deformities of the part of the affected woman is much more affect than that of the man.

    Gout: Gout is a very painful form of arthritis that occurs when accumulation of uric acid in joints the deposit of excess uric acid in the joint gives rise to pain, inflammation & causes deformities in the joints. Gout occurs when high uric acid in the body& body is unable to remove it this   is a condition of arthritis caused by the increasing of uric acid in blood after that deposition of urate crystals in the joint cavity and around it. In the soft tissues causes swelling and severe pain generally men are at a higher risk of gout than women. However, Post- menopausal woman is higher risk of gout.

    Tendinitis: This is a condition of inflammation in the tendons and ligaments. Affected part due to tendinitis is knees and shoulder however in most of cases tendinitis cause pain.

    Versitis: Inflammation in bursae is a painful condition of joints. Including shoulder, hip and elbow joints this is mainly due to repetitive and frequent movements between joints.

    Injury:  injury such as a broken bone, sprain, strain or rupture of the ligaments that form the joint can also be caused joint pain such as: Adult related disease, anti-inflammatory swelling of the joints of the spine, avascular necrosis, rheumatic fever.

    How is Joint Pain Diagnosed?

    Physical examination is Best Joint Pain Supplement. The physician may ask some question related to symptoms. Other diagnosis of joint pain is X-ray examination.

    Joint pain in children’s  

    Arthritis is not just a disease affecting the old age person. Mostly affects the children’s generally teenagers it is an autoimmune disease in which leucocyte target their own body. If in the early days, the effect of juvenile arthritis is seen only on the joints, but if it is not treated on time, it can also appear or affected   other parts of body such as; lungs, eyes, skin etc. Juvenile arthritis affected child also suffers low bone density. Therefore, if you see symptoms related to this in children then immediately consult with your physician.

    Joint Pain Treatment    


    Kapalbhati – It is the best aasana for joint pain by doing this yoga the deficiency of calcium, phosphorus in the body is also fulfilled it gives relief in joint pain.

    Chakrasana- It is the one of the best aasana, by doing this asana the stiffness of the whole body gets corrected also relieves joint pain.

    Subtle Exercise - It is completed in 5-6 ways by doing this exercise, there will be proper circulation of blood throughout your body.

    Butterfly Asana- This asana is good for relief from back pain as well as knee, leg pain

    Regular oil massage can help reduce joint pain and stiffness in Best Joint Pain Supplement In today's time many people complain of joint pain. Many people experience pain in their knees, shoulders, neck or wrists while dealing with the normal activities of their daily life. Depending on symptoms and other factors, doctor may order other medical checkup such as; blood tests to check if joint pain is caused by an inflammatory auto-immune disorder. Sedimentation rate tests are best for determination of inflammation in your body. Depending on the cause, the physician may prescribe Best Joint Pain Supplement. After diagnosed, the doctor may prescribe topical ointments, medications such as anti-inflammatory medications, pain relievers, and injections to reduce joint pain.

    Physical therapy

    Striating the muscles around the joint, improving joint stability and increases the ability of motion, achieved with physical activities. In the some way you can also use assistant such as a cane and braces to ease the joint movement.

    Weight loss

    If people gaining much further weight than they’ve advance threat of common problem. Redundant body weight can negatively affect being common condition and make pain worse. Walking, swimming and cycling exercise are moderate and low impact exercise that are effective for weight and common recuperation without putting inordinate pressure on joints  follow a diet and also limit your input of high-calorie and reused food, sugar, alcohol etc. instead of take a healthy  vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and whole grain

    Vitamins are good for Joint pain

    Regular input of certain vitamins is associated with positive issues for common health. People with common problems should consider consuming further of these vitamins to ameliorate   their common health and relieve joint pain.
    Vitamin A, Vitamin B-12 Vitamin B-1 Supports muscle health, Vitamin B-2 Vitamin B-3 Reduces inflammation, Vitamin B6 Fights inflammation Vitamin C Protects against free radical damage, Vitamin D Supports immersion of calcium, fights inflammation, Vitamin K.

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