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    Pregnoaid Capsule - Best Women Wellness Supplement

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    Provides excellent hypothalamic Improves FSH &LH level Regulates FSH & LH hormones, helps in development of follicles SDH Naturals Pregnoaid Capsule can help support women's reproductive health. It may help balance...

    Fetone Syrup - Best Women Wellness Supplement

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    A women has to live with hormonal problems throughout her life, right from the day, she has attained puberty. These problems arise due to imbalance of hormones. To balance this...

    Shvet Capsule - Best Women Wellness Supplement

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    Safe in pregnancy Provide quick & effective relief   Indication Designed for Vaginal discharge. Ingredients Kukkutandtvak Bhasma Sfutika Bhasma Supari Ashok Gond Kikar Gond Pipal  

    Madhurima 200ml - Best Women Wellness Supplement

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    Madhurima is the woman health restorative tonic Description Madhurima is manufactured by Shree Dhanwantri Herbals it is prepared by aasav arista method Madhurima use to correcting hormonal balance & also...

    Lactotop Granuals 200gm - Best Women Wellness Supplement

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    Increases milk secretion in lactating mothers. Combination of Shtavari, Methi  and jeevanti. Provides nutrition to mother and child. For Lactation Insufficiency Increases milk secretion in lactating mothers. Combination of Shtavari,...

    Supari Pak - Best Women Wellness Supplement

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    Product Description Supari Pak ,is specially formulated for the  wellbeing of women. Supari being the main ingredient, so the name Supari Pak. Combination of Supari with other valuable herbs provides...

    Madhurima-PC Roll On

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    Madhurima-PC is enhanced with the beneficial properties of natural herbs to alleviate your menstrual discomfort. You feel calmed and relaxed by its calming scent. It absorbs quickly into the skin...

    What is Women's Health?

    When a woman is healthy, she is happy. She feels herself active, creative, intelligent and capable. He has so much power and strength to do his daily work: to fulfil his many roles in the family and society and to make satisfactory relations with others.

    What are the health problems of women?

    Listen to it as women age, their problems also increase. Hormonal changes lead to complaints of irregular periods, fatigue and irritability due to weakness, blood pressure, diabetes and hypertension. At the same time, due to the lack of calcium, bone problems and pain in the waist-joints start.

    Why woman wellness is important?

    To bring change in the society, equal participation of women has to be ensured, women empowerment is the priority of the state government. If a woman is healthy then the whole family will be healthy and if the family is healthy then the society, state and country will also be healthy. Therefore, today there is a need that the society and the government should be aware about the health of women. Maternal problems among women are often due to poor nutrition and neglect of health facilities during childhood and reproductive age. Women’s health problems Women's health is mainly affected by biological, social and cultural factors such as early marriage, illiteracy, unsafe abortion, poverty, inadequate health facilities, age of motherhood, gender inequality, low education, physical abuse, domestic Violence, social and cultural influence and fewer employment opportunities, etc. It is generally believed that women live longer than men. But this does not mean that their lifestyle is of a high order. According to various studies, women are physically more weak and unfit than men.

    Tips for woman wellness

    Follow Healthy diet

    Everyone needs nutrients in the body, but the requirements of women are relatively different from men. Due to changes in hormones, ages, gestation and menopause, the requirements of women's bodies also keep on changing. In such a situation, the body of women needs further nutrients not only protein, vitamins and calcium but also consumed numerous other nutrients daily. See below, these following diet which nutrients women need the most and how to meet their insufficiency.

    Folic acid

    During periods and gestation time, women's body needs a lot of folic acid. Along with this, women are also saved from internal problems like depression, migraine. To make up for this insufficiency, include green vegetables, avocados, dry sap, nuts, peas, broccoli, citrus fruits and beats in your diet.


    Due to lack of iron in the body, not only one feel tired, but it also does not cause sleep. Along with this, due to the epidemic, there is a shortage of blood in the body of women, so they need more iron for fulfil of iron deficiency you must  eat spinach, rice, kidney beans, tomatoes, broccoli, figs, walnuts, almonds-cashews, raisins, dates and white gram etc.


    Women aged 19 to 50 should take 25 grams of fibre daily, while women above 51 should take 21 grams of fibre daily. It also reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes, heart diseases and cancer. For fibre, you should consume apples, walnuts, brown rice, spinach, sweet corn, broccoli, carrots etc.


    Consumption of things containing vitamins and minerals is also very important for women. From the age of 19 onwards, women should take at least 75 grams of the vitamin daily. For this you can consume red capsicum, guava, orange, broccoli and strawberry. Vitamins are also found in egg yolk, tuna fish and catfish. Apart from this, you can include almonds, spinach, turnip, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, broccoli, papaya etc. in your diet to meet the deficiency of vitamins.


    According to the study, a woman needs about 45 grams of protein every day; this not only strengthens the bones, but also protects women from numerous conditions to meet its insufficiency, you can consume red meat, fish, cashews and almonds in your diet.


    Magnesium strengthens the muscles, along with this, blood pressure also remains under control, due to which women are saved from heart conditions. Its sources are pumpkin seeds, spinach, black sap, nuts, rice, beats, avocados and green lush vegetables however you can include it in your diet. Omega-3 Adipose Acid Every woman needs1.1 grams of omega-3 adipose acids per day, you find it in fish like salmon, mackerel, tuna and herring. Piecemeal from this, nuts and seeds, especially chia and flax seeds can also be consume.


    After the age of 30-35, every woman needs more calcium because it keeps away problems like arthritis by making bones strong. To meet the deficiency of calcium in the body of women, you should include black beans, milk, curd, cheese, spinach, green leafy vegetables, sesame seeds, orange, soy milk and almonds in your diet.


    Potassium keeps bones healthy and also keeps the body energized. In addition, it also reduces the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, heart attack and cancer. For potassium, you can consume bananas, oranges, fruit juices, cucumbers, avocados, walnuts, beans, sweet potatoes and spinach.


    Antioxidants are helpful in keeping cancer, heart disease, stroke and old age diseases at bay. Along with keeping women stress free, it also keeps away problems like wrinkles. For this, in your diet, include roasted cloves, walnuts, kidney beans, broccoli and peanuts etc.

    Point to maintain woman wellness

    Important to get enough sleep

    Women wake up first and sleep last. We know that sleep is very important for us however if we do not get enough sleep, then we remain irritable throughout the day from above, how much work women have to do throughout the day, if they do not get enough sleep, then they remain agitated throughout the day. Due to this a lot of stress comes in them which is not good for women's health at all.

    Regular exercise

    Whatever exercise you feel is right in terms of female health and which is easy for you, you should do only those exercises daily, if you do exercise as soon as you wake up in the morning, then it is very good. It is said that exercising in the morning removes fatigue, so that the mind remains good and the day goes well. So our request to all the women is that as soon as you wake up in the morning, you should exercise for half an hour and only then start your work.

    Keep your weight under control

    If you are not paying attention only to your obesity, then there is no use in thinking how girls or women take care of their health. Because everyone knows that obesity is the root of hundreds of diseases, in which all kinds of diseases come.

    Do yoga or meditation

    Women need peace of mind very much, because a lot of work is going on in their mind at the same time however due to which the pressure on their brain increases and they become very irritable. To avoid such a situation and to keep yourself always calm, you should take some time every day for yoga or meditation.

    Herbs useful in woman wellness

    10 Herbs That Boost Women's Immunity, Know All Its Properties herbs reduce the increased glucose and cholesterol in the body; It is beneficial for woman physical health as well as mental health.

    Basil, green cardamom, saffron, Harad, Muleti, satavari, Ashwagandha.

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