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    General Health care

    Modern generation, has not only become ultra-mode but has also become health conscious. Today’s youth are following a healthy daily routine, as most have joined gyms that help them to attained physical semblances. Many more are doing yoga. When these types of habits are inculcated in the youth, they become health freaks. These youth then are also on the lookout for pure herbal food supplements that can help them in maintaining good physique.Without good health; a long life is not less than a punishment. If health is not good, then there will be no other important aspect of life i.e. happiness.

    Men's Health

    A recent Government of India sample registration survey (2013-17) has revealed that the average age of men in the country is 67 Year. Everyone wants a long life is a different matter, but no one wants a long life that is unhealthy and painful. Know here about the important aspects related to men's health so that you can live a long life as well as a healthy and happy life. Important thing first prevention of diseases this can give a person an opportunity to live longer with better quality of life. Especially for Indian men, it becomes necessary for these two main reasons. One is that some diseases like heart disease surround men at a younger age than women. Second, India accounts for a large proportion of the world's victims of tuberculosis (TB). In this disease, bacterial infection affects the lungs the most. This disease also makes more men its victims than women. The disease is largely responsible for the death of men in India. Cultivating good habits in this, from healthy and nutritious food to regular exercise, health check up on fixed time period so that prostate enlargement or kidney stone etc. can be detected on time.

    Common health issues in man

    Disease related with man such as lack erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, swelling, rashes and prickling on the genital organ.

    Certain types of cancer such as:

    Prostate cancers are also included in the types of cancer that occur only in men.

    Diseases related to the circulatory system

    In the year 2017, a total of 1 lakh 68 thousand 948 people died in India, including problems related to pulmonary circulation or blood circulation in the lungs, heart diseases. It is surprising that out of these 1 lakh 6 thousand 168 were men. In the year 2017, 1 lakh 43 thousand 257 people died due to this disease.


    Hypertension is the main disease in man. In the year 2017 about 72 thousand people died due to such diseases, out of which more than half i.e. more than 42 thousand. In the year 2017, out of more than 68 thousand deaths due to such diseases, more than 43 thousand that is, due to diseases related to the circulatory system, out of more than 4 lakh 79 thousand deaths in 2017 in about 2 lakh 95 thousand men.

    Infections and parasitic diseases

    Diseases spread by a parasite are called parasitic diseases. The cause of these diseases is parasites, which spread diseases directly and indirectly. A person suffering from diseases spread by parasites is called human parasites. Such diseases are also spread through infected food, water, parasite bites and through physical contact. In the year 2017, 1 lakh 47 thousand 394 people died due to infectious and parasitic diseases like HIV-AIDS, malaria and sepsis. About 93 thousand 236 were males. These figures are taken from a compilation of death certificates issued in 2017.

    Diseases of the respiratory system

    Diseases related to the respiratory system or diseases of the lungs are also called pathological conditions, in which patients have difficulty in breathing. The study of problems related to the respiratory system is called pulmonology. This includes pneumonia to asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and pleurisy (the two large and thin layers of tissue separating the lungs from the chest).

    Top causes of death among men

    Heart diseases are the leading cause of death in men worldwide. On the one hand, where men are at risk of heart disease from an early age keeping the body healthy has become a very big challenge these days, especially if your lifestyle is stable, then keeping yourself fit is a very difficult task for you. Due to the constant use of computers and laptops, our physical activity has reduced a lot, in such a situation, people are getting many diseases. Heart disease is the main among these diseases, these days’ people are falling prey to heart-related diseases at an early age, which has become a matter of great concern, according to the study and men are more prone to heart disease than women. In such a situation, men should take special care of their heart, it is very important for men to take care of their heart with increasing age.

    How to take care of yourself if you have a busy lifestyle, then you can keep your body healthy by following some simple tips. The age of 40 is not a big age, at this age you need a lot of physical activity, if you want, you can reduce the risk of any disease by following some simple tips:

    • Walk for 10 minutes
    • Start exercising with this lifting and include it in whole grain diet
    • Consume fruits and vegetables
    • Start breakfast with some healthy things
    • Dry fruits are also important
    • Add Sea Foods to the diet
    • Reduce calorie Intake

    Tips to prevent disease-

    Include whole grains in diet

    Whole grains are considered a good source of fiber. Regularly consuming whole grains can improve blood pressure and heart health, if you want to keep your heart healthy and then definitely include whole grains in your diet.

    Eat fruits and vegetables

    After 40, men also need to pay attention to their diet, along with physical activity, pay attention to your diet. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet every day, it is a cheap and good option for heart health, apart from this it will help you there may also be a better option for both the brain and the intestines.

    Start breakfast with some healthy things

    If you have crossed 40, then you need to be responsible for your health, at this age, anytime script breakfast, it is better to include some healthy things in breakfast than to include junk foods or other things. Include things like fruit whole grains in breakfast; it can be very beneficial for the health.

    Dry fruits are also important

    In addition to fruits and vegetables to keep the heart healthy, include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

    Add sea foods to the diet

    With increasing age, men need to maintain the health of their heart. If you want to maintain the heart of turmeric, then include fish or other seafood in your diet instead of red meat once a week. It is very good for health, as well as it is considered healthy for mental health as well.

    Afterwards, if you want to maintain health in healthy way then, reduce the amount of unhygienic fat in your diet the risk increases.

    Exercise or physical activity

    If you are not able to exercise due to office and household work and then do a brief walk for only 10 minutes in the beginning, if you do this, then gradually you will be able to take more time for exercise.

    Start the exercise with light lifting

    Lifting is considered a very good exercise for heart health. If you want to keep your heart healthy, then do lifting. If you need to devote more time, you can also join gym.


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