Arthritis is a disease associated with inflammation and pain in the joints. This is called arthritis. Joint pain is the main cause of arthritis. According to age, there is wear in the joints such as big joint, the joints of the hands which start degenerating after the age of 50.


The number of arthritis patients is increasing day by day. Elderly people are suffering from this problem. Apart from this, symptoms of this disease are also being seen in youth and children. Gout occurs when the body does not produce Uric Acid properly. Inflammation also occurs in the body during this disease. Even if the amount of fluoride in the water is high, the joints start to become hard, due to which the cartilage between the joints starts wearing down and severe pain starts in the joints.

Inflammatory Arthritis

The role of our immune system is to fight against any bacteria that enter our body. This immune system has a kind of mechanism by which it can recognize the cell of its body and the cell that came from outside.

But sometimes there is a defect in that mechanism, due to which the immunity attacks the cells of its own body considering it to be outside. The same is called an autoimmune condition and inflammatory arthritis is a part of that inflammatory arthritis has more than 100 different types. It depends on which cell is faulty and it can have different symptoms.

Wearing arthritis is old age arthritis. Most of this, due to walking or going up and down the stairs, there can be pain in the knees. In Inflammatory arthritis, there is swelling in the joints and the pain is more in the morning and this stiffness lasts more than half an hour which is not normal. If you have these symptoms then you should consult a doctor. The doctor who treats this disease is called Rheumatologist.

If there are symptoms of arthritis, then they are further evaluated, in which some blood tests, x-rays are done by which this disease is diagnosed and treated.

Diet supplements in Arthritis

Broccoli - Including broccoli in the diet to improve the problem of arthritis can also prove to be beneficial. This has been clearly accepted in an experiment conducted on people suffering from the problem of arthritis. It is believed in research that a special element called sulforaphane is found naturally in broccoli. This element can work to relieve the problem of swelling and pain especially in the knees due to arthritis.

Berries - Berries can also be included in the Diet for Arthritis. Actually, this has been accepted in a research related to beneficial diet in arthritis. In research, mainly blue berries, raspberries and strawberries have been considered effective for this. Research mentions that they contain anthocyanins and polyphenols like quercetin and phenolic acid. Due to these, anti-inflammatory effect is found in the berries, which can act as relief in arthritis.

Apple - Experts also recommend consuming apples in the problem of arthritis. The reason is that a special phenolic compound called tannin is found in apples. This compound can help in curing the problem of arthritis caused by collagen (a type of protein). Actually, the tannins present in apples can work to reduce the amount of collagen. Due to this, a person suffering from arthritis can feel some relief in this problem.

Spinach - Spinach can also be included in the arthritis diet. The reason is that anti-inflammatory (reducing inflammation) effect is also found in spinach. This effect present in spinach can show a positive effect in the problem of rheumatoid arthritis it is a type of arthritis, in which there is severe pain due to inflammation in the joints.

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