Most people feel good after running, but they do not know why this is happening. Friends, there are many physical changes behind this feeling. Actually, running releases chemical called endorphins in the body. This chemical fights stress and makes us feel good. The effect of this chemical is very powerful; it can be gauged from the experience of any regular running person. Exercises started with a specific purpose also do the same wonders.

Benefits of running in the morning

To Cure Asthma – People suffering from asthma should get up early and run daily. This has a very good effect on their health as the morning air is very pure which goes to the lungs. The lungs are strengthened and the breathing process improves. That's why those who don't run should run.

Running is Important for Health
 – The body benefits a lot by getting up in the morning. When we run, endorphins are produced in the body. This gives rise to a feeling of happiness. It helps to keep stress away. It has been proved in some research that if a person runs daily, then there is a different freshness in his body which reduces the feeling of stress and depression.

Controls High Blood
 Pressure – patients of high blood pressure have to pay attention in keeping the body fit along with their food and drink. That's why doctors often advise BP patients to wake up in the morning and do exercise. Running creates energy in a different way in the body which is beneficial for the body. The blood vessels of the body do their job well and also keep the heart healthy. Keeping your heart healthy keeps your blood pressure normal. 

Provides Physical Strength
 – To increase the physical strength of the body, a person should run daily in the morning. Running strengthens the lower part of the body. Many people are troubled by lack of physical strength; they should run daily for 30 minutes in the morning. According to some experts, running strengthens the ligaments and nervous system of the body, which gives physical strength. 

Keeps Diabetes Under Control
 – Morning run is no less than any medicine for people suffering from diabetes. Running in the morning massages the body, which strengthens the muscles, blood pressure and bones. Apart from this, it improves the process of breathing. Doctors always advise diabetic patients to walk and run in green grass. By running in the morning, you become mentally and physically strong and the blood sugar level of the body gets low, as a result the sugar remains under control. 

To lose weight
 - Often people are worried about their weight and use many types of home remedies, but along with diet, exercise and running are necessary.  To lose weight, you should do some exercise and running daily. Keep this in mind that along with running in the morning include nutrients in the diet as well.

      What are the things to keep in mind while running? 

      Warm up your body a little before running in the morning. After that do stretching for some time.

      After stretching, start running, but do not keep the pace of running in one place, but run alternately.

      Wearing the right size shoes for running.

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