How to increase immunity People are taking many measures to increase immunity, which are also necessary, but adopting Natural Ways to Increase Immunity can be even more beneficial for you. At present, herbs are being used extensively to increase immunity. This can also be very effective they can also be used as home remedies for immunity. Some herbs are known to strengthen the immune system as well as have many other health benefits. There are such Ayurvedic things around you that can strengthen the immune system and improve mental health as well. Stress works to weaken our immune system, in such a situation, along with increasing immunity; we have to pay attention to our mental peace as well.

It is recommended time and again to consume foods rich in vitamin C to increase immunity, but you do not know which the easily available vitamin C rich foods are. Consuming foods rich in vitamin C can be most effective as a natural way to increase immunity. If you consume such foods daily in which vitamin C is found in abundance, there is no need to do anything differently to avoid any disease, it is necessary to increase your immunity, so that your body will be able to fight against diseases. For this, it is most important to eat right and eat food rich in Vitamin C it is a nutrient that boosts your immunity. 

  1. Orange - More vitamin C is found in oranges. Orange juice can also be drunk daily. If you want to increase immunity naturally, then consume oranges daily. Oranges are also rich in fibre and minerals like thiamine and potassium.
  2. Pineapple - Pineapple is a sour sweet succulent fruit; it is considered a good source of vitamin C. You can include pineapple in your diet to increase immunity. You can use it in the form of juice, smoothie.
  3. Lemon - Lemon is a sour fruit, citrus fruits are considered a good source of vitamin C. Due to the presence of seeds in it, and it is called fruit.  Including lemon in your diet immunity can be increased.
  4. Guava - Guava is major source and rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants after consuming guava can help protect the body from infection. Not only this, it can also help in increasing immunity.
  5. Papaya - Papaya contains a good amount of Vitamin C. It is also rich in digestive enzymes. This keeps the intestine healthy which helps in maintaining overall health. Consumption of papaya is one of the remedies to increase immunity.
  6. Red Capsicum - Red capsicum has three times more vitamin C than other citrus fruits. Beta carotene is found in abundance in it, which boosts immunity as well as keeps the eyes healthy.

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