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    Oral Care

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    Gone are the days when oral care was just a formality. In olden times people use to clean teeth with babool tree twigs & that too was not a regular habit & was also not followed by all the human beings. Some other use to rely on salt ,coal dust, for cleaning teeth, which could cause more damage to the teeth & gums than that of oral care. With the advent of modern era ,oral health care has und

    Oral Care health

    We all understand that health is very important; also we can see the externally visible body parts such as skin and also take care of hair. But, in the midst of all this, we often pay as much attention to oral health. Do not give you may be surprised to know that 80 per cent of the people in India are in some way or the others are troubled by the problem of oral health. Even after this people do not pay attention to oral health give. Many diseases can occur if the mouth is not cleaned properly even the teeth if not taken care of, the risk of heart disease increases by up to 70 per cent.

    Importance of Oral Care health

    Many diseases can occur if the mouth is not cleaned properly, regular brushing of your teeth prevent oral disease and any kind of syndrome or more if  you don’t have oral hygiene than you must to be suffers from serious illness or mouth related disorders.

    Our oral hygiene has an impact on our overall health. Due to the disease, the risk of heart and brain and other diseases also increases. Therefore, the problem related to oral health should not be ignored. Apart from this, according to the findings released in an article published in the Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology in the year 2010, gum disease can increase a person's risk of heart disease by about 20 per cent. Apart from this, oral problems can also increase the risk of brain related problems. Therefore, it becomes important for you to maintain good oral health. Let us now know about some such problems related to oral health, which are very important to treat on time.

    Symptoms of Good Oral Care health

    Actually, there are some symptoms of good oral health, if you see these symptoms in yourself, then understand that your oral health is worthy of praise.

    1. Your gums are pink in colour
    2. Your mouth doesn't smell
    3. Your tongue is pink, clean and moist
    4. Your teeth do not hurt when you chew
    5. There is no court trouble in your affairs

    The Ancient Method for Oral care

    Twigs of Neem, Mango, and Peepal trees and other medicinal plant that are most commonly used for dental or oral hygiene, these medicinal plant possesses antimicrobial properties to helps to keep the mouth germ free and healthy.

    The Right Way to Brush Your teeth

    Using small and soft brush to clean your teeth properly while doing brush every nook and corner of your mouth cleans properly.

    As per science, you should brush your teeth properly for at least two minutes, Clean specifically in between the gaps of your teeth and move the twigs in circular strokes to clean properly.

    Tongue scraping

    Cleaning of tongue immediately after brushing your teeth, makes your mouth feel fresh too Scraping completes the process of oral hygiene; it helps to remove the coating of dirt or build-up from the tongue, which is responsible for the foul smell.

    Common Oral problem

    Cavities In this problem, the teeth can be permanently damaged or there can be holes in them. This happens when bacteria, food, and acids form a layer on your teeth in the form of plaque. Due to this, the acid present on your teeth gradually starts to eliminate tooth enamel and connective tissue, which causes permanent damage to your teeth.

    Bad breathing bad breathing also termed as halitosis because the present of microorganism in oral cavity.

    Dry mouth it is also termed as   also xerostomia, in which disease salivary glands do not produce enough saliva.

    • Cracked Teeth-if person suffers minor to severe cracks in teeth that are caused by an injury generally sports person suffering from this condition.
    • Tooth sensitivity - in this disease tooth become more sensitive, when a tooth is sensitive to hot, cold, or sweet substances this is happens ,because of nerve surrounded by the teeth, person can realise sensation of tooth, it become more horrible if you are intake or chew cold or hot thinks.

    How to Diagnose Oral Diseases

    • Oral health problems can be identified in a few ways, which include dental X-rays, MRI scans, CT scans, and endoscopy.
    • You can easily see the root of the gum, from which it can be found out that you do not have any problem related to gums.

    Food for oral health

    • Before eating anything, be sure to know what kind of affect it can have on your teeth or gums.
    • Try to eat less sweet.
    • Do not drink soft drinks or cold drinks available in the market.
    • Go to new health related parts every day
    • Drink more of water stay hydrate throughout the day.
    • Eat fresh and fibrous vegetables and fruits specially vitamin c rich
    • Stay away from fast food.
    • Keep away from smoking consuming tobacco can cause oral cancer.
    Tips to boost your oral care


    The abdominal entry of food takes place through the teeth and the mouth and the food eaten by chewing with the teeth is easily digested. That is why the cleanliness and strength of teeth and gums is very useful for the body. During sleep during the night, dirt accumulates between the teeth and in the gums. Some are removed by rinsing, but the teeth are used to clean the dirt hidden between the teeth and between the gums. Even today, in rural and small towns, more people use teeth to clean their teeth. Usually datun is made from green sticks of 12 fingers (inch) long and the thickness of the middle finger. Datuns are bitter, astringent or pungent juice is considered more beneficial.

    Thus the green wood of Ark, Vat, Khair, Karanj, Arjuna, Karveer, Malti etc. can be used for making Datun. Use of Neem, Mahua and Acacia is also good, gently cleaned rubbing teeth, after this, the work of cleaning the tongue is also taken by ripping that wood. By the way, silver, stainless steel and tongue cleaner made of plastic is also available and their use is easy. The use of brushing for teeth is also prevalent since ancient times. Brushing can be used after cleaning the teeth with a wooden toothpick and where the tooth is not available.

    The above law of making Manjan by mixing oil and powder of Triphala, Trikatu, Trisugandhi, Sandhava salt and Tejavati is given in the Sushruta Samhita. Nowadays many companies make different types of toothpastes and most of them make toothpaste by mixing new substances and removing some of them using the above mentioned materials. Tobacco is also mixed in some spices, it has been heard. Manjan containing tobacco should not be used; otherwise it can lead to oral cancer.

    Jamun, mango, walnut and neem bark 20-20 grams each, Akarkara and Mocharas 5-5 grams each, 10-10 grams of rock salt and alum puffed, 5 grams of roasted blue tea, 50 grams of almond peel incineration, these Make a paste by grinding all of them, by brushing it, the teeth start shining like pearls and it is also a good medicine for many dental diseases like pyorrhoea.

    Mixing the components of toothpaste and some new substances, the prevalence of different types of toothpaste has become more because it is easy to use. Many types of toothpaste are also available in the market with the addition of Neem, Babool; Priority should be given to such dentists.

    Apart from the morning, before going to sleep at night, once again brushing the teeth with a brush or paste is useful in removing the dirt involved in it and after that sleep also comes good.

    Nowadays the daily routine to eat of ice cream, chocolate and cold water kept in the fridge and biscuits, tea, coffee etc. has increased a lot. Their excessive use leads to early tooth loss and people become toothless by reaching the age of 45-50. They have to use artificial teeth (dentures) so that they can chew soft substances and eat. People using such artificial teeth must also clean the gums and artificial teeth daily. Mix salt in mustard oil and make the gums strong by rubbing it gently. It is necessary to take out the artificial teeth from the mouth and clean them with a brush by applying toothpaste or paste on them. Keep the artificial tooth soaked in water in a stainless container at night and before going to sleep during the day and after cleaning it, apply it in the mouth.

    Kaval or Gandusha

    It is also known as mouthwash and Gargle After cleaning the teeth, there is a law to rinse by keeping water in the mouth for a while. This can be done up to many times. The entire mouth cavity, tongue, palate etc. get purified by this action. While wearing a Gandusha is a holding medicated fluid inside the mouth for some time it has been used to prevent tooth decay there is a law to wash the eyes several times with clean water.

    Ergone a sea change in the people’s habits. Now advanced dental care & mouth care in the form of tooth pastes, gargle, mouth wash ,mouth fresheners etc. are available & not to lag behind in this segment SDH-Naturals has 2 in 1 products Kofnil G & M ,which is both mouth wash & gargle.Being natural it is 100 % herbal & safe ,doesn’t stain the teeth & leaves no after bitter taste & gives total oral protection.

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