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    Why kidney care is important?

    Kidney is a very special part of our body it plays an important role in keeping the body healthy however  Kidneys filter waste products, excess water and other impurities from the blood. It work as to filter the blood to remove residual products and excess fluid in the form of urine before it is sent back to the heart it cleans the blood and removes all the toxins substances from our body through urine. But due to modern lifestyle and excessive consumption of medicines, it often has a bad effect on the kidneys. In such a situation, it is important that you take full care of these special parts of yours as well. For this, keep these things in mind any kind of kidney disease is serious. People can also die due to many diseases related to kidney. Therefore, such disease cannot be neglected. Today many people are suffering from many diseases related to kidney.

    People over 60 years of age, people who have heart disease or people whose family members have had high blood pressure, people who are overweight, for such people to keep their kidneys healthy, it is necessary that they get their tests done from time to time and keep taking proper advice from the doctor.

    Tips for kidney care

    Stay active and fit

    To keep the body healthy, it is necessary that the kidneys remain healthy and for this it is necessary that regular exercise is done. It can keep your blood pressure balanced and it will also protect you from heart related problems. It is not necessary that you run a marathon every morning, but walking, running, cycling and even dancing can be very good for your health. Start your morning in the same way.

    Control blood sugar

    Kidneys can be affected due to diabetes, if you can control your blood sugar; you reduce the risk of damage from it. Apart from this, by taking proper advice from the doctor in time, you can take important steps to reduce or prevent the damage caused by it.

    Monitor blood pressure

    Kidney damage can occur due to high blood pressure. In such a situation it is important that you monitor your blood pressure regularly. For this, you should change your lifestyle and for this take proper medicine after consulting your doctor.

    Keep weight under control

    People who are overweight or obese face many health issues; this can  more prone to damage to the kidney however it can also lead to diabetes, heart disease and kidney diseases that are why it is important to control your weight. For this take a healthy diet.

    Be careful if you take medicines

    Regular consumption of pain killers can put your kidneys in danger however excessive consumption of drugs also damages the kidneys.  If you also take painkillers, then in this regard, talk to your doctor about the treatment to keep the kidney safe.

    Disease related with kidney

    Increase Creatinine level

    Creatinine is a waste product found in everyone's blood and urine, tests for Creatinine show how well our kidneys are working however under normal circumstances; our kidneys are able to filter these substances on their own and remove them from the body.

    Kidney stone

    Kidney stone is a common problem mineral and other substance in your blood get accumulates in kidney result crystalized solid particle that usually pass out through urine.  


    Glomerulonephritis is a condition in which the filtration unit of kidney that is glomeruli gets inflamed, it can cause by infection, abnormalities and auto immune disorders.

    Diet plan kidney disease

    The diet of people suffering from kidney disorder should be like this:-

    Grains: Wheat, Rice

    Lentils: Moong dal

    Fruits and Vegetables: Pomegranate, Papaya, Capsicum, Onion, Cucumber, Tinda, Parwal, Gourd, Luffa, Bitter gourd, Pumpkin, Radish, Cucumber, Kundru, Cabbage, Capsicum

    Other: Light food, Garlic, Coriander, Mint, Nutmeg, Olive oil, Sunflower oil.

    Food to Avoid in Kidney Disease

    People suffering from kidney disease should not consume them:-

    Cereals: New Paddy, Maida

    Lentils: Urad dal, chickpeas, peas, kidney beans, soybeans

    Fruits and vegetables: Kiwi, beans, tomatoes, raisins, dates, plums, potatoes, jackfruits, eggplants, arbi (guaia), okra, berries, peaches, raw mangoes, bananas.

    You’re Lifestyle during Kidney Disease

    Your lifestyle should be like this in kidney disease:-

    • Do not eat before the food has been digested.
    • Don't exercise too much.
    • Don't get angry, scared, worried.
    • Do not sleep during the day
    • Don't overeat

    Yoga and Asana during Kidney Disease

    You can do these yoga and asanas to get rid of kidney disorder:-

    Yoga Pranayama and Meditation: Bhastrika, Anulom, Vilom, Bhramari, Udgeetha, Pranav, Japa.

    Asanas: Shavasana, Bhujangasana, Makarasana, Markatasana.

    Herbs useful in kidney disease

    Most of the people are suffering from kidney disease however the main reason for this is a modern lifestyle and unhealthy diet, if you want your kidney to be healthy always, and then start consuming some herbs these are some of the herbs that you can easily find anywhere. With the help of these herbs, you can easily avoid stones, kidney cancer and kidney related diseases.


    It is rich in antioxidants. Its work is to remove uric acid from the kidney. It has the ability to remove uric acid and urea.

    Green tea

    If you like to consume green tea, then this habit of yours can keep your kidney healthy, by drinking green tea, you can avoid serious problems like kidney stones and kidney cancer, and it also removes toxins from the kidney.

    Grape seed

    Grape seeds also work to flush out kidney stones present in the kidneys. The potassium and water present in it act as diuretics daily use of grapes gets rid from kidney disorders.


    Parsley is a bright green biennial herb, often used as a spice. Problems in urination can be overcome by taking the powder of its root. It is also beneficial in kidney disease. Boil 25 grams of parsley in 500 ml of water. When it remains half, cool it and drink half a cup in an interval of 3 hours.


    Ginger is known to remove toxins from the body purifies the blood removes toxic substances from the kidney, this keeps the kidney healthy. Apart from this, it has antioxidant properties, which prevent kidney infection.

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