Digestive and Gastro care

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    Why Gastro care is important?

    Gastro care:-Modern life style is very fast & over busy. Due to this very reason most of the families don’t cook meals & have to order food from different eateries around the town to satisfy the hunger & thus fulfil their eating desire. But this creates too many health problems like acidity, flatulence, indigestion, Liver problems, constipation etc.

    Most of the people have some stomach related problem at some point of time; the stomach is an internal organ of our body, which is located between the food pipe and the small intestine. The process of digestion of proteins starts from this organ itself however the stomach has to perform three main functions. Storing the food eaten, adding stomach acid to that food and then passing this mixture to the small intestine, if there is any kind of problem in the stomach, and then a painful and disturbing condition can arise. If you don't know what's wrong with your stomach, it can be a more troubling situation. Indigestion or burning or bloating in the stomach is the main problem. Stomach related problems like peptic ulcer and acid reflux disease are some of the things that need to be treated. Diseases of the stomach are investigated by the doctor, during which tests like ultrasound and endoscopy are done. In some cases, the doctor may refer you to a gastroenterologist.

    Disease related to stomach

    Stomach cancer:

    Cancer that develops in any part of the stomach is called colon cancer. Adenocarcinoma is the most common type of colon cancer that develops in the lining of the stomach.

    Crohn's disease:

    It is an inflammatory and burning disease, which causes swelling and irritation in any part of the digestive system. Due to Crohn's disease, there is also swelling and burning in the stomach, although Crohn's disease occurs in very few cases. Crohn's disease can also be caused by an infection caused by a virus or bacteria. When your immune system starts fighting with the micro-organisms (viruses or bacteria) causing the body infection, an unusual reaction causes the immune system to attack the cells of the stomach as well. In such a situation, there is swelling and burning in the stomach.


    This condition is also known as abdominal bloating. In this condition, the patient starts having abdominal pain and other discomfort, which is felt especially after eating food, sometimes nausea and vomiting also occur in this condition.

    Gastritis symptoms

    Gas in stomach

    This is the most common and least serious stomach problem, in which gas builds up in your digestive system. In this, sometimes there is sudden pain in the stomach and sometimes bloating is felt in the stomach.


    This condition is also called gastric stasis. In this condition, the stomach is not able to empty properly or it takes more time to empty. The time it takes for the stomach to empty means that it takes a long time for your stomach to pass stool, when the abdominal nerves and the soft muscles work together, all abdominal movements and the process of emptying the stomach work properly when these nerves and muscles do not work together properly, then it affects the functions of the stomach and neither the stomach is able to empty properly Obesity, Hyperthyroidism, Tension, Smoking, Radiation therapy, Certain types of medicines, especially aspirin, Diseases caused by drinking too much alcohol, Stomach ache these are the symptoms of Gastroparesis.

    Points to maintain stomach disease

    Drinking lukewarm water

    Drinking lukewarm water after waking up helps in cleaning the intestine, formation of new blood, weight loss and glowing skin. Do not lie down or sleep immediately after a meal, as this can cause stomach acid to reach the oesophagus and cause heartburn.

    Pineapple: It Improves digestion, reduces inflammation, improves eyesight, strengthens bones and maintains healthy skin.

    Curd: Curd is the best food for an unhealthy stomach. It provides instant cooling to the stomach.


    It is a wonderful way to cure digestive problems, Stimulates the flow of juices and enzymes needed to digest food, Gives relief from cough, cold, dyspepsia, vomiting and sore throat.

    • There are some ways with the help of which stomach related diseases can be prevented:
    • If you have acidity problem every day, instead of eating once, eat small meals several times.
    • Keep washing your hands frequently to avoid infection
    • Avoid drinking alcohol, tea, coffee and other soda beverages
    • Chew food slowly and thoroughly
    • Do not eat hot and very spicy food
    • Do not take pain relievers for a long time without consulting a doctor
    • Eat a low-fat and balanced diet
    • Maintain a healthy weight
    • Do not eat food that causes stomach irritation or pain
    • Keep stress low
    • Do not sleep or lie down for 2 hours after a meal
    • Chew food well
    • Exercise regularly
    • Do not mix medicines with alcohol.
    • Reduce stress, because the problem of gastritis emerges from stress, so it is also necessary to control the stress to keep gastritis under control.

    How is stomach disease diagnosed?

    To check the condition, the doctor will ask you about your past medical condition and will do a physical examination of you. The doctor can also touch your abdomen to find out if the pain is increasing by touching.

    Several tests can be done to check the condition of the stomach


    If colon cancer is suspected, a small piece of abdominal tissue is taken as a sample and examined and this procedure is called a biopsy.

    Blood Test

    Blood test is done to detect the presence of bacteria like H-pylori etc. in the blood because these bacteria cause stomach infection.


    To confirm the test, the doctor may refer you to a gastroenterologist who performs an endoscopy. Gastroenterologist are doctors who specialize in the digestive system, during the endoscopy, you are given sedation you then have a tube called an endoscope inserted into your mouth through the food pipe reaches the stomach. A light and camera are attached to the end of this tube, with the help of which doctors are able to take pictures inside the abdomen. Sometimes a sample of stomach tissue is also removed with the help of endoscopy, which is called a biopsy.

    Herbs beneficial in Gastro care

    Hartaki (Terminalia chebula): Using hartaki everday to reduce constipation. Depending on the disease, you can use hartaki as a powder, candy sugar and ghruta.

    Isabgole (Plantago ovata): It is powerful herb for Isabgole cures constipation but it also reduces cholesterol and regulates the bowel.

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