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    Musli Pak

    Rs. 195.00Rs. 186.00

    Information about Musli Pak Shree Dhanwantri Herbals Musli Pak is a perfect blend powder is a strong aphrodisiac. It increases strength, vitality, stamina and immunity of the body. Product Highlights...

    Karela Tablet

    Rs. 225.00Rs. 202.00

    1-2 Tablets twice daily or as directed by the physician Maintains normal blood glucose metabolism 60 vegetarian capsules per bottle Karela Pure Herbs is formulated using natural extracts of karela...

    Dhatu Paushtik Churna 60 gm

    Rs. 135.00Rs. 129.00

    Impotency, improves sperm count, improves strength & stamina, in general weakness, treats nightfall It possesses vajikarana (Aphrodisiac), dhatuposhtic (nourishes all dhatus), anti-aging properties, treats general debility, It also increases testosterone...

    Kaunch Pak

    Rs. 120.00Rs. 114.00

    Information about Kaunch Pak Shree Dhanwantri Herbals Kaunch Pak is combination of various dietary and herbal products. The main ingredient of this formulation is Kaunch, i.e. seeds of Kapikacchu.The paste...


    Rs. 135.00Rs. 128.00

    Menstrual disorders, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, leucorrhea other gynaecological problems. It balances the female hormones, therefore treats female reproductive system related disorders. Ingredients Ashoka Chhal – 100 parts, Prakshep dravya: Dhataki...

    Hadjod Tablet - Best Joint Pain Supplement

    Rs. 260.00Rs. 234.00

    100% Natural And Herbal Reduces inflammation and pain in muscle joints Hadjod helps regulating digestive process and detoxifying the body. It helps bone setting and support healthy bones. Hadjod - Best...

    Brahmi Tablets

    Rs. 240.00Rs. 216.00

    1-2 Tablets twice a day or as directed by the physician Improves brain and nervous system Safe for long term use Brahmi Tablet is a wonder product for improving your...


    Rs. 230.00Rs. 207.00

    Neem herbs helps purge out the toxins in our body and boosts metabolism. Blood impurities, skin disorders and associated symptoms. Neem Pure Herb capsule is formulated using natural extracts of...


    Rs. 150.00Rs. 143.00

    Sheetpitta(Urticaria), Kandu(Itching), Skin disorders, cough & cold, asthma It helps in the treatment of all sorts of skin disease (especially in skin allergy) as it possesses anti-inflammatory and anti- bacterial...

    Erand Paka

    Rs. 132.00Rs. 126.00

    It is used in vatavayadhi, amvata (rheumatoid arthritis), joint inflammation and constipation. Erand paka having ampachak, amdosh har, vata shamaka, shothhar (anti-inflammatory) and shulahar (analgesic) activities, thus effective in vata...

    Sidhmakardwag Tablet

    Rs. 640.00Rs. 576.00

    Information about Sidhmakardwag Shree Dhanwantri Herbals Sidhmakardwag is used for weakness, chronic skin conditions and other lung conditions like chronic cold, pneumonia, or tuberculosis. It is used as a convalescence...

    Medohar Guggulu

    Rs. 335.00Rs. 319.00

    Medoroga (obesity). It is effective in natural burning of fat molecules. It helps to control appetite and also has a beneficial effect on metabolism. Indications Medoroga (obesity). Ingredients Shunthi, Marich,...

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