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    C-Pill Syrup - Elevate Platelet Counts, Boost Immunity!

    Rs. 210.00Rs. 189.00

    C-Pill Syrup is a special blend of natural ingredients like Papaya, Giloy, and Tulsi, known for their fever-reducing, liver-protecting, and anti-viral properties. This syrup is designed to help increase platelet...

    Chyawanprash Special

    Rs. 425.00Rs. 374.00

    Chyawanprash is the oldest restorative tonic for human beings. The regular use of Chyawanprash Special, builds up the body & immune system, gives strength, stamina & improves the overall wellbeing...


    Rs. 108.00 – Rs. 302.00

    It has antibacterial activity against various bacteria. Possesses antioxidant properties. Improves the immunity by activating cell mediated and humoral immune response. Purifies the blood.  Clearo is a natural blood purifier....

    Crush BPH Capsule

    Rs. 216.00 – Rs. 408.00

    Crush-BPH is effective for reducing an enlarged prostate, relieving painful urination, and improving bladder tone. It is also useful for its smooth muscle relaxant activity, addressing Prostatic Hyperplasia grade-I, and...

    Crush Syrup- Best Ayurvedic remedy for urinary disorder

    Rs. 202.00 – Rs. 573.75

    SDH Naturals Crush Sugar Free Syrup is prepared from hand-picked Indian Herbs like Tribulus Terrestris, Boerhavia diffusa, Crataeva nurvala, Permelia perlata, Berberis lyceum, Plumbago zeylanica, Tinospora cordifolia. The Crush Syrup is...

    Crush Tablet (10X30 Tabs)

    Rs. 990.00Rs. 891.00

    Crush tablet is a safe and effective remedy for the kidney stone that removes the renal stone from the Kidney. Crush tablet is combination of Pashanbheda, Punarnava, Shvet parpati, Tribulus...

    Dhanwantriprash - Sugar Free Chyawanprash

    Rs. 202.00 – Rs. 343.00

    Dhanwantriprash is a power packed concentration of precious herbs, with Sugar Free Chyawanprash advantage  for calorie conscious people or those who are diabetic .Dhanwantriprash boosts strength,stamina,vitality ,immunity and over all...

    Dhatu Paushtik Churna 60 gm

    Rs. 135.00Rs. 129.00

    Impotency, improves sperm count, improves strength & stamina, in general weakness, treats nightfall It possesses vajikarana (Aphrodisiac), dhatuposhtic (nourishes all dhatus), anti-aging properties, treats general debility, It also increases testosterone...

    Dysentrol Syrup

    Rs. 120.00Rs. 108.00

    Dysentrol Syrup is an ayurvedic medicine, widely used in the management of dysentery, diarrhea and dyspepsia it is made up from 22 time tested herbs such as Kutaj ghan, Bilva...

    Erand Paka

    Rs. 132.00Rs. 126.00

    It is used in vatavayadhi, amvata (rheumatoid arthritis), joint inflammation and constipation. Erand paka having ampachak, amdosh har, vata shamaka, shothhar (anti-inflammatory) and shulahar (analgesic) activities, thus effective in vata...

    Fetone Syrup - Best Women Wellness Supplement

    Rs. 134.00 – Rs. 370.00

    A women has to live with hormonal problems throughout her life, right from the day, she has attained puberty. These problems arise due to imbalance of hormones. To balance this...

    Gasxit Tablet

    Rs. 360.00Rs. 324.00

    Flatten the flatulence Description Gasxit is the perfect herbal approach to treat indigestion flatulence & Dyspepsia.  Gasxit Tablet helps in the proper digestion of food. It contains research based time tested...

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