The list of tissue with skin is endless and includes pigmentation, dark circle under the eye, skin prone to acne  .As skin is largest organ in the body so it

Need to adequate more care and attention for stay healthy .Many factors affect the skin the diet, sleeping routine. Beside that internal imbalance may

Also cause to skin unhealthy like the Vat, Pitta, kapha should be in balance.

In contrast to skincare goods from the west, producing your own requires just natural indregient  are used to build  your own skincare routine with Ayurveda .

How to Take Care of Skin in the Proper Way

Find Your Ayurveda Skin Type 

Based on your skin type,

  • A dominant vata dosha individual may have sensitive skin, making them more prone to wrinkles dry or rough skin etc
  • A dominant Pitta dosha individual may be more prone to freckles acne ,sunburns, and other skin condition .
  • A dominant kapha individual may be more prone to greasy skin texture that are oily and produces excessive amount of sweat ..

Follow Seasonal Rhythms

Ayurveda recommends following certain rituals based on seasonal rhythms to keep your doshas in balance and thus maintain your skin’s health.

  • Spring: Detoxify your skin.
  • Fall and Winter: This is the time to focus more on your skin’s nourishment with organic herbal oils and moisturize the deeper layers of your skin too.

Keep the right  foods in your diet

  •   Reduce Your Use of Salt and Sugar: These two substances weaken collagen in the skin, which can lead to early signs of aging and uneven skin tone.
  •  • Eat meals that are freshly prepared and steer clear of junk food and preprocessed items as much as you can.
  • Eat in a comfortable spot with attention and chewing your food slowly. Avoid using your phone or watching TV during this time. •
  • Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water for your skin. Vata people can use sesame oil, while Pitta dominant people can use coconut oil. If kapha people want to perform Abhyanga effectively, they can use sunflower oil.

Best Ayurvedic Cleansing Indregients

One of the best ways to really step up your skincare routine is to avoid chemical-laden products and go natural instead. The simplest and most common type of products in a woman's beauty regimen are facewashes. Several healing herbs have skin-beneficial qualities that are present in our SDH Naturals face washes and cleansers. These properties help to remove impurities, nourish and moisturise your skin, and take care of your inversive skin needs.

Famous cleansing agents in Ayurveda are as follow -

  • Neem
  • Multani mitti
  • Turmeric
  • Chandan

Moisture your skin to get rid of irritation and breakouts

Moisturizing is required for all kinds of skins, including oily ones, and in all weathers to protect the skin from the environment and prevent the cells from getting shriveled up and dehydrated. It also "plumps" them up to make the skin smooth, soft and silky, and also temporarily can remove tiny wrinkles.

  • For Vata Dominant Skin, moisturizers such as aloe vera, bakuchi, vetiver are essential to use. 
  • Moisturizers with cooling herbs such as vetiver, kamal, and neem work well for Pitta-dominant skin..  
  • For Kapha dominant skin, Lodha, manjistha, Kamala are good to go.

Many precious ayurvedic herbs, including almond, olive, coconut, and aloe vera, are included in our SDH Naturals moisturizing cream to help revitalize and nourish dry, dehydrated, and lifeless skin

Skincare:  Day cream and Night cream

Your day cream should ideally have a lighter consistency and adequately shield your skin from sun radiation and environmental stressors. Additionally, it keeps pimples from appearing and leaves the skin looking radiant.

The needs for your skin change with the seasons. In fact, during the summer you can forgot your day cream in favor of sunscreen. But after a long day in the sun, remember to use your night cream to repair your skin.

Skincare: facial oil

The age-old science of Ayurveda focuses on herbal oils as a means for treating various skincare issues.

When applied topically, these organic healers treat skin conditions, control pore size, and retain moisture for a radiant complexion.

Face Oil or Face Serum?

Face oils and face serums have gained popularity recently as a complement to or substitute for using creams on the face.

The 100% natural face oils derived from Ayurvedic herbs are what we recommend. Kukumadi oil, which is highly advantageous for skincare routines, can be made by SDH Naturals. Kumkumadi Oil: The fabled Kumkumadi Oil is recommended for damaged, pigmented, and lifeless skin. It has unique properties that make skin appear healthy, youthful, and radiant.

READ THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO THE MIRACLE BEAUTY OIL: KUMKUMADI Oil Yoga brings peace, has many health benefits, helps detoxify the body and skin and gives inner and outer glow. Read more about glowing skin yoga here and try the easy 7-minute Sukshma yoga to relax.
Follow your diet and moisturize: Ayurveda believes that skin health depends on nutrient fluid, blood, muscles and - proper digestion. Follow the principles of Ayurvedic diet; eat at regular mealtimes and prefer fresh, easily digestible foods avoiding junk food and overeating that can lead to toxin build-up. Don't forget to moisturize enough to keep your skin moist and supply

Do not forget this beauty dream:
It is one of the cornerstones of Ayurvedic health, and it is not surprising; lack of sleep can cause inflammation, weaken immunity, puffy eyes, fine wrinkles, affect skin aging and (according to research) reduce perceived attractiveness.

Ayurvedic cosmetology: 
Herbs such as turmeric, neem, amalaki, sandalwood, manjistha, gotukola and aloe vera are excellent for the skin, as are Ayurvedic therapies such as Abhyanga, Nasya, Udvartana, Garshana 


In Ayurveda it is very easy or economical to build your own skincare routine. .

In this blog we will talk about the different elements of skin care routine and their function to skincare. We also talked about by maintaining our diet and maintain our stress we will able to get healthier skin and also apply right product to right type of skin according to prakruti of person