Many issues frequently arise throughout the summer, and the sweltering heat can occasionally burn your skin. You may sweat a lot as a result of the humidity, which increases the accumulation of dust and dirt on your skin and your risk of developing skin diseases. It is a good idea to avoid the sun, but it is not always feasible to do so by remaining inside or wearing an umbrella. During summer when the sun is strongest and the body heats up the most.  It can lead to multiple skin issues, according to Ayurveda. In order to avoid overheating from the inside, you must also find a strategy to combat the heat outside. You can start from below steps:

Remove excess oil from your skin

Aloe Vera

Not just for sunburns, aloe Vera is an incredibly soothing component for all types of skin. Aloe helps treat breakout and generally aids the mending of skin. So, if your face is bothered from an unctuous/ too dry/ reverse to unctuous cycle, aloe can help calm it all down. Aloe Vera help protects skin from dangerous goods of the sun.


Milk has effective soothing properties that can treat skin problems arising as a result of oleaginous skin. All you need to do is to dip a cotton ball in the admixture of milk and lemon juice and wipe your face using it. Doing this twice a day can give you the needed result.


Acne is not just caused from too much oil it can also be caused by bacteria on the skin. To get relieve of excess bacteria and oil, helps seal in the skin’s natural humidity. Plus, it’s a treatment that’s presumably sitting in your closet right now. Simply put some honey on your face let it sits for a few times, also wash off gently with warm water.


Tomatoes are loaded with B- vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes that are good for skin. While it might look a little haunting to slice a tomato and rub it on your face, it might be a great idea for people with unctuous skin. It's naturally acidic, so it helps balance the skin and get relieve of inordinate oil painting.

Use cooling ingredients in summer


Neem contains extraordinary high quantity of anti-oxidants, which cover our skin from sun damage. The anti-inflammatory advantages of neem along with its analgesic properties help to degrade the pain and swelling caused by sunburn. Vitamin E provides a boost of miniaturization and speed up the recovery process.


The natural oils present in sandalwood helping hand in fighting the damaging goods of the sun on the skin. They help you in cooling down the skin and also cover your skin from the inordinate heat during summers while reducing the sun tan. The sandalwood and its cooling properties also help reduce fatigue and give your skin a actually well radiance. This eventually gives you fun and also promote rejuvenescence of the skin.

Rose water

Rose Water is a natural hydrator. It contains natural moisturizing properties that offer your skin a rejuvenating boost of hydration. Besides, the antioxidant properties give nutrients deep into the skin. Therefore, it improves the skin wall and may help trans- epidermal water loss by forming your skin nourished and refreshed all day.

Take an ice cube and massage it over your face

Applying ice is an immediate way to carry your face a fresh and wide-eyed look without doing up makeup. It improves blood circulation and gives your face a healthy shine. Ice also prevents unseasonable ageing and creases. Ice cubes support unblocks out the dirt and other contaminations stuck in those pores and help keep them clean. The cold compressing effect handed by the ice facial also shrinks the size of your pores, thereby making them appear a lot lower over time.

Get plenty of water and few herbal teas throughout the day


Water is must-have for keeping our bodies hydrated, which helps to maintain correct bodily functions and help dehumidification. Staying hydrated can help to support your immune system by assisting your body flush out poisons and waste.

Herbal teas

Herbal teas are well- understood for their cooling properties, which contain mint, hibiscus, and rose, all of which are ideational for lowering body temperature. Herbal teas not only keep the body temperature down, but they're also nutritional.

Green tea

It's the most popularized herbal tea for weight loss and detoxification. In comparison to completely oxidized black teas, green tea leaves are minimally oxidized, forming them cool to the body.

Hibiscus Tea

It helps prevent hypertension, lower blood pressure, and lower blood sugar levels, observe your liver well, ease menstrual cramps, relieve depression, benefit digestion, and help in weight control.

Rose tea

It's the ideational cooler for the whole body. Astringent herbs similar as rose petals, raspberry leaf, and black tea help to neutralize the goods of warmth and moisture

Avoid foods in summer

Spicy foods

It's indicated to scape spicy food in summer, because capsaicin found in chilli pepper negatively affects the pitta dosha and boosts the body heat and results in extreme sweating, leading to damp and sickness. Coffee

Caffeine increases the blood flood to your kidneys, heartening them to rinse out more water that leads to frequent urination and excess water loss from the body which may bring dehydration.


Alcohol and its derivates also contain the dehydrating properties that can bring water loss in human body. After guzzling lots of alcohol, you may observe that your body flushes out pusillanimous pee that's a sign of dehydration.

Ayurveda is a great way to take care of you

Ayurveda also believes that what we consume each day affects our health and well- living and that we can be filled of energy if we deposit healthy and required food and drinks into our bodies. This procedure is known as the Sattvic Approach which is a diet predicated on foods that are recommended by Ayurveda. This is allowed to be holistic in nature as it nurtures your body, mind, and soul, which supports your good routine and yoga rehearsal.

The Ayurvedic method for maintaining youthful skin comes from the inside out: Just as crucial as non-toxic products and prudent sun exposure are a healthy diet and managing stress. For the greatest in pure beauty, check out our collection of Best Ayurvedic skin care products.